Working From Home Entrepreneurs - You Can Do What They Do

I'll like to share with you what I know about being an entrepreneur.  I try to find some of the best and trusted names who are real people on the internet.  It gets hard sometimes, but with much research I believe I have complied a great list of entrepreneurs just for you.

One thing I love about the people I have chosen is you can do what they do.  All of them started where you are.  They are mothers, people who had regular 9-5 jobs, entrepreneurs who started out with a mission to make life better for their families.

# 1 - Hi I'm LaShay Hudson.  My company is called Dream Home Based Work
I began looking for a job to work at home in 2008.  My husband and I thought it was best for me to stay-at-home with the kids, especially with us being away from our hometown.  During my stay-at-home-career, I searched for several work from home opportunities and came across numerous amount of scams.  Some either asked for money or personal information upfront with no real company name.  As I continued, my job search, I began to come across a few legitimate work from home companies, which gave me much hope!  I decided it would be best to start a blog to help others find home based opportunities and honest ways to make money online.
Owner of Dream Home Based Work
which began in 2008
Dream Home Based Work is a leading source blog, targeting persons looking for legitimate work-from-home-jobs.  It's owned and operated by Lashay Hudson.  Today, it's considered one of the best online resource sites.  Lashay says, I  help

Stay at home mom or dad
Free lancers
Virtual Assistants
The benefits from using Dream Home Based Work is it will give the personal the tools necessary to realize their dream home based commute, no dress code, and flexible hours.

You can contact at Email:
Facebook: Dream Home Based Work - Lashay says you can connect with her by email or Facebook, but be patient if you contact her through email, for she gets tons of emails a day.  Facebook is a better way, but the choice is yours.

I recommend Dream Home Based Work, because it literally offers a few hundred online jobs. It's great for beginners who want to work from home.  Also, those who just need an honest start to search for jobs online.

Those interested in surveys-data entry-filing jobs, and maybe blogging would fit in great in this community too.  I honestly feel this is a scam free source.  Like all work-from-home-jobs, I did my research and I can't find anything negative on the internet.  She even has youtube videos.  So her face and brand is very much out there.  I checked her out on Facebook and she updates constantly.  As a matter of fact she says this is one of the better ways to contact her other than email.  I also checked out her Instagram account and there doesn't seem to be very many post, but she could have just started it as a way to reach more people.  Either way I am following her on Facebook and instagram, so I'll keep you in the loop.

#2 About Holly from The Work At Home Woman>>
When I first visited her website, I was just a little overwhelmed by the many opportunities she has available on her website.  That's actually a good thing!
Work At Home Woman>>

Holly Reisem Hanna is the founder of this website and she says if you are a woman who is looking to find a legitimate work at home job or if you are looking to launch and run your own home-base business then you are in the right spot.

She was name by Forbes as one of the top 100 websites for your career.  The Work At Home is an advocate that empowers women to balance life on their own terms.

Here's how she got started...Since the day my daughter was born, I've been a stay at home mom.  After nine months of play dates, mommy and me classes, and a dwindling bank account, I felt the urge to make some money and exercise my brain.  I looked online for different work at home opportunities, but the majority of my time was spent weeding through scams and sifting through various websites to find all of the information that I was looking for.

And just like myself,  Holly has always enjoyed writing and dreamed of writing the next comedic novel. However, she never considered blogging as a career option.  She continued looking online for work at home jobs when she finally had a light bulb moment...I'm going to create the perfect work at home resource for women!  And Bam! The Work at Home Woman was created.

Many people don't have money to start a work at home job to just get the basics like a computer, a landline phone if necessary, establishing an internet connection, and buying resources.  Holly says, to fund this endeavor, she started working part time at home as a social media manger for American Writers & Artists Inc.  During this time I researched and created content from my blog.  I hired a graphic designer to create a custom design for me and in March of 2009, I officially launched The Work at Home Woman.

I've now been blogging for 5 years and I absolutely love it!  I've been lucky enough to work with major brands like HP, Tastefully Simple, CAbi, NeatDesk, Staples, and MSN, as well as I've been quoted in big name publications like the New York times,  CNN, Forbes, Huffington Post, Woman's Day Magazine, Working Mother, and HLN TV.

Blogging has given me freedom, flexibility, financial stability, and has launched the business that I had only dreamed of.  Besides the perks of being able to stay at home with my daughter, blogging has introduced me to opportunities and people that I would have never met elsewhere.

Holly is a smart girl....She graduated from the University of Texas with a Bachelor's Degree in Cultural Anthropology and a minor in Sociology.  A few years later she obtained her Associate Degree in Nursing, as well as securing her license as a Registered Nurse.  Currently she resides in Austin, Texas with her amazing husband Jeff, her wonderful daughter Hadley, and her fur babies Bella and Love.  She says, I still work as a social media manager for American Writies & Artists Inc. My passions are reading, traveling, fashion, and coffee.

What a wonderful bio and be sure to visit at The Work at Home Women>>

#3 Neil Patel, Quick Sprout>>
Neil Patel is the co-founder of Crazy Egg, Hello Bar, and Kissmetrics.  He helps companies like Amazon, NBC GM, HP, and Viacome grow their revenue.  
Quick Sprout>>
The Wall Street Journal call him a top influencer on the web.  Forbes says he is one of the top 10 online marketers.  Entrepreneur Magazine says he created one of the 100 most brilliant companies in the world.  He was recognized as a top 100 entrepreneur under the age of 30 by President Obama and one of the top 100 entrepreneurs under the age of 35 by the United Nations.  Neil has also been awarded Congressional Recognition from the United States House of Representatives.  

This is a just a portion of Neil Patel's story.  

Today he is currently spending all of his time on KISSmetrics, and working on creating that billion dollar company.  Neil says...

I wish I had a crystal ball that could tell me what the future holds for me, but I don't have one.  Luckily enough, I have made more money than I have lost, and I have been able to leverage that money into investments like apartment complexes. .com companies, the stock market, hedge funds, brick and mortar businesses, venture capital funds, and best of all my parents.  I hope my investments will pay off so that I can continue to do what I am doing and not work for anyone else.  

Over the next few years, my number one goal is to share what I have learned with you so that you can have an even better life than I do.  Although I love being an entrepreneur, sadly I don't think I'll be able to do it forever.  I probably have a few more good startups in me, but after that I want to focus on the non-profit world.  See, I was born with a gift:  I am able to help websites get ton of eyeballs on the web.  My hope is I can take that gift and help non-profits get enough eyeballs to their websites so that people like you can help change more lives.

I hope my story inspires you to do something with your life.  You don't have to be rich to be happy.  You just need to love what you do.  Best of luck with your entrepreneurial career!  And feel free to leave a comment on my page if you have any questions at>>

Thanks for stopping by! Keeping checking back daily for more stories.

Blogging Tips And Motivation To Make More Money

Want to learn more Blogging Tips and Motivation To Make More Money from home.

Here's are a few ways that's helping me!

Social Media, Comments on forums, Pictures on Pinterest, and Writing Daily will help to increase the number of people who visit your blog and by increasing the flow of people you will increase your revenue.

Blogging is one of the best ways to earn income with the internet.  Not only, because people need information you provide, but because you will gain a large audience which you can then use to further your internet business.  Blogging should be a major step for business and it can not be over looked, because in the end it will provide them with an audience and multiple streams of revenue.  

Adsense is one of the major tools many bloggers use to help bring in revenue for their business.  The problem isn't the money, because it's available.  The problem is visitors.  

If your site has less than 500 visitors per day, it's going to be difficult to make much money with Adsense. You have to remember that only a small percentage of people will click on your ads (1-2%).  So, if you have 500 people coming to your site in day, that is 5 clicks.  Almost most clicks will earn you less than $1, so hopefully you can see that it takes a great deal of traffic to build up income with Adsense.
Lisa Arby at 2 Create A
Social Media Distractions
Social Media is about Distractions.  You want to make distractions.  You do this in your words and pictures.  Without distractions no one would ever notice what you post on social media.

Are you aware other people on social media have distractions?
You don't want to be caught off guard with their distractions do you?
Have you ever wondered on someone's page to see what they are doing?
You then start trying to figure out how they got 25,000 followers.
You try to understand why their working methods are working and yours isn't.

Now I will be the first to admit it is okay to pull from other businesses, entrepreneurs, and systems on social media.
For one, they help inspire us.
Two they motivate us.
Three they speak to us and confirm with what we are doing.

But, let their distractions distract their audience and not you.

Quoted From: Social Media Dare Devil >>
Love what you do!  If you're going to be spending 60-80 hours a week on your business you have to love it!

Action Steps: Be sure this is what you want to do, be a pro - it's the only way to be taken seriously, research your audience, and be the best representation for them.
Quoted From Ray at Social Media Dare Devil >>

Neil Patel says, I was born with a gift. I am able to help websites get tons of eyeballs on the web. My hope is I can take that gift and help NonProfits get enough eyeballs to their websites so that people like you can help change more lives. 
I hope my story inspires you to do something with your life. You don't have to be rich to be Happy. You just need to love what you do. Best of luck with your entrepreneurial career. Read more of Neil Patel's story at Quick Sprout

Also, be sure to check in daily with another tip on how to improve your blogging tips and how to stay motivated to make more money.  You are worth the investment!

Entrepreneur Steve at I've Tried That

I read Steve's bio at his website I've Tried That.  He talks about how his wife and himself make money online.  He makes money only through affiliate programs.  He will break this down shortly if you keep reading.  However, I want to share with you what I learned.

First, I love his attitude.  I feel how great of a guy he is just by reading his story and looking at his pictures.  Secondly, he breaks down how you can make money online in just a few easy steps.  Thirdly, if you are a beginner at affiliate marketing or working from , then I would definitely recommend this website for you.  

One thing I want you to remember is to not get discourage.  Even though Steve's website is specifically for affiliate programs, there are other ways to make money from the comfort of your home too.  It's like looking on indeed's search board and typing in customer service.  The search board results will be hundreds's, sometimes thousand's of jobs about customer service, before you find the one that is just for you. And remember working from home requires you to actually work.  I haven't found one job from home that pays you to sit on the couch for seven hours out of a nine hour work day.  You will have to put in time, effort, and be passionate about working from home.  This can't be one of those Wal-Mart jobs where you just go there to make a paycheck.  Loving what you do will make you want to commit to it everyday.  I love writing and giving advice.  So, I'm sure that affiliate programs will work for me.  However, I would have to find affiliate programs related to other entrepreneurs, because I love to write about success people who started from the bottom, but they have now arrived.  
Read on GOTBOCMagazine: Entrepreneur Jasmine Lawrence, Founder of Eden's Body Works
Some tips I can give you about working from home is to spend at least 20 hours a week on it.  Stay focus.  Don't spend a lot of time reading other people success stories.  I would recommend reading some of them, but not all.  The goal from working at home is not to work as much as you would in a regular position.  Like a forty hour work week, but in the beginning be prepared to invest a lot of time and effort into your new position.  It may required a 40-hour week in the beginning or working during most of your free time.  Also, be sure to check back with this website GOTBOCmagazine for more updates on entrepreneur's like Steve at I've Tried That.

Okay!  Let's get started!  I'm exicted!  I hope you are too!
Read on GOTBOCMagazine: Bella Weems, The 14 year old who started her own million dollar business
Entrepreneur Steve at I've Tried That says we all want to get around the planet as many times as we can.  Working for yourself and being successful means we are not bound by forty hour work week, incompetent I'm going to need you to come in this weekend middle level managers (Oh, I can relate to this), or depressing-ass-hell-cubicles (lol, been there done that).  

Steve has been working for 8 years as of 2015.  Along with his website I've Tried That he runs other websites too.  

Here's 2 Ways How Steve Makes Money Money Online
#1. First there are advertisements, which also means ads.  Here is how the ads process works.
#2. I create content online via a website.
#3. This connects people with the information they are searching for.  People find my websites through search engines like Google or Yahoo and read what I write.
#4. I get paid if someone clicks on one of the ads on my website and this is how I make money.
Simply right?
Steve says, actually this is hard work.  I had to take time to build to that level.  It is possible to make $10.00 a day or $1,000 a day, there are no limits.  It's really up to you.  The more effort and time you invest, the more money you make.  

#2 Affiliate Programs
Let's break this down Okay!
Companies like Amazon, Wal-Mart, and Best Buy are begging for people like you to come work alongside of them.  There are tens to thousand of companies out there just like them.  They also offer affiliate programs and when you join them you become their affiliate.  Your goals as an affiliate is to send visitors to their websites.  Some companies pay for the click of their ad.  You can also earn commission, if one of your readers buys something from that website.  It's really as simply as that!  
Read This on GOTBOCMagazine: Entrepreneur's at Sporty Afro started in natural hair

Here's The Example Steve Gave
I wrote a review for a wake up light by Philips HF-3470 to be purchased through Amazon.  At the bottom of the post were two links to the light sale at Amazon's website.  Someone bought the light and I made money.  For those who didn't buy the light, but may have bought something else, I still made a commission.  For those who didn't buy anything I still made commission, because they clicked the link.  Very cool right!

Entrepreneur Steve at I've Tried That Explain What The Best Part Is
I don't sell anything.  I help people by providing quality information on what they are searching for.  
Read This on GOTBOCMagazine: Mommy Kara works at home as a party planner

Help for Beginners
So, have you made the decision to know if this is right for you.  If yes, great!  If not, then that is okay. Take some time to think things over.  I understand this is a leap of faith.

To get you started Steve recommends visiting Wealthy Affiliate.  It's free!  All you need is your name and email.  Steve will be there to help you, so you can talk to him directly.  Be sure to complete your profile with a picture and a short description.  

What is Wealthy Affiliate
It a site for beginners who want step by step instructions to work in the affiliate programs industry. It's for you to learn what is available to you.  It's to prevent you from being taking advantage of by other websites that provide false or misleading information on how to be an entrepreneur from home.  
Steve says, he joined Wealthy Affiliate in 2009 and being held as his #1 recommendation for over 6 years now.  I login in everyday to help others, to grow my business, and learn something new.
Read This on GOTBOCMAagazine: Sayeh, The office assistant, who makes your dream office come true
4 Reasons to be Motivated to be an Entrepreneur Like Steve
#1 I own my own business.  I am an entrepreneur.
#2 I get to travel the world.
#3 I spend everyday with my wife.
#4 I'm not a slave to the 40-hour work week.

Conclusion From Entrepreneur Steve at I've Tried That
I only recommend products or services that have made me money.  I've reviewed 100's of programs from my website I've Tried That and can count on one hand the number of programs that have actually lived up to their claims.  

Conclusion from
I'm excited for you as you embark on your new journey.  Remember nothing is easy, but it takes FAITH to go through.  Make this a faith journey and stay focus.  I believe the number one mistake people make as being an entrepreneur is thinking it's easy.  This is not easy. Most of the time when you read people stories or see their success on youtube, it's because the hardest part is over for them.  Most people don't let you in on their struggles in the beginning.  Like staying up late at night, neglecting household chores for extra time to try to pull this thing together, the times you feel like giving up, because nothing seems like it is happening.  

I want you to be strong, dedicated and commit to this everyday for the next 6 months.  I have FAITH as small as a mustard that anything is possible with great works.  

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Steve and his wife from I've Tried That >>

No commute, no dress code, and flexible hours>>
Hi I'm LaShay Hudson.  My company is called Dream Home Based Work
I began looking for a job to work at home in 2008.  My husband and I thought it was best for me to stay-at-home with the kids, especially with us being away from our hometown.  During my stay-at-home-career, I searched for several work from home opportunities and came across numerous amount of scams.  Some either asked for money or personal information upfront with no real company name.  As I continued, my job search, I began to come across a few legitimate work from home companies, which gave me much hope!  I decided it would be best to start a blog to help others find home based opportunities and honest ways to make money online.
Read More>>

We are not doomed to how we are currently living
Bob Lotich at Christian Personal Finance says, I was 20 years old.  I was living in a city where I didn't know anyone.  I had no savings.  I had no money left in my checking account.  My credit card was $264 from being maxed out.  My rent was due that day.  My car broke down as hundreds were driving by staring.  As I was pushing my car to the side of the road I was hoping that the fix would cost less than the $264 available credit I had remaining on my credit card.  This was my breaking point that caused me to finally ask God for wisdom with my finances.  Read More about Bob Lotich and what he does as entrepreneur @ Chrisitan PF>>


How Does Faith Work: Simple Short Sermons About Faith

The more you know about FAITH and how it works, the better it will work for you.  Also, be honest with yourself.  Ask yourself, what is FAITH?  Pray for God to help you to build FAITH.
GOTBOCMagazine: 4 Ways To Strengthen Your Faith
Life is not fair and FAITH is not easy.  The bible says We walk by FAITH and not by sight in 2 Corinthians 5:7, and this scripture holds true to every trouble that we may face in life.  But I take joy when God says in His word to take joy when troubles of any kind come your way, for troubles are there to help build your endurance. Remember, troubles are there to help build your FAITH.  They make you strong for the next thing that comes your way.  Imagine if everything went our way and we never called out to our father in Heaven who created us and we never asked for His help.  Then in that case we wouldn't need FAITH, because everything is going the way we want them too.  Why ask for help if there is no problem? Why believe in God if we can find the solution we need.  But things are not that way and we need FAITH to be able to live a stable life.  So that's why we are going to take this journey together as we read some short sermons to get us inspired and motivated about FAITH.
Follow on Pinterest for more faith quotes
I declare over your lives that you will gain FAITH in every aspect of your life.  I pray that FAITH helps you to endure everything you are going through, knowing that things will get better.  We serve a God that is the same today, tomorrow, and forever more.  He loves us so much.  This I do know.  I declare that God will lift the heavy burdens over your life and that you shall be set free from all bondage in the name of Jesus.  As you read this blog about FAITH, I pray against anything that may be trying to hinder you to receive what God is trying to confirm with you.  It was not by chance that you stumbled across this blog.

I'll share my simple short sermon about FAITH with you!

I started a new position at work.  At first I was very excited about it, because I wanted to make more money and this new position did just that.  Well, after only one month of working in the new position I got into a heated argument with the supervisor, my manger quit and when the new manager got hired she quit too, then on top of everything else my hours decreased and I took a pay cut.  As you can imagine, I was heart broken.  Well, it's been two months later and nothing has change except I have a stable manager who likes her new position.

I say all of that to tell you that I have been taught FAITH in so many different ways.  I learned to be content with what God has given me. Which I believe is the biggest lesson I have learned so far.  I am learning everything I am doing at this very moment in my life is a FAITH journey and this journey is pushing me more to explore what I really desire in life.  Not only am I learning about FAITH, but I am learning how to overlook the little things in life and focus on the journey that is ahead of me.  The journey isn't easy, but I know it takes Faith to go through.

I encourage you to write down anything that inspires you in this blog dealing with simply short sermons about FAITH.  About three years ago, this is all I did.  I wrote on my mirror in the bathroom, posted notes on the refrigerator, and wrote all the encouraging things I read in books in my journal. Trust me when times get hard you'll need to be reminded of how faithful God is and you'll need to be encouraged.

I love the journey that I am on, even though it is not easy.  My FAITH  is being stretched to heights and depths I never knew it could go.

Joel Osteen, God designed you to withstand any storm
Read this on GOTBOCMagazine: Joel Osteen's sermon God Designed You To Withstand Any Storm

Life is full of things that try to push us down.  We all face disappointments and setbacks.  It's easy to get discouraged and lose our enthusiasm and too often we just settle where we are.  But if we are going to see God's best we have to have this bounce back mentality.  This means when you get knocked down, you don't stay down, you get back up again.  It means when disappointments come or things don't go your way, you don't have a pity party and think life is just not fair.  No, you shake it off, knowing what was meant for your harm, God is going to use it for your good.  The enemy may have done his best, but his best will never be enough.  If you stay in faith, what was meant to stop you will not be a stumbling block, but rather a stepping stone so you can go to a higher level.  Read more

Andrew Wommack, The Faith of God
Andrew Wommack writes about FAITH on his blog
Without FAITH it is impossible to please God.  Our relationship with the Lord depends on it.

Hebrews 11:6 
- And it is impossible to please God without FAITH.  Anyone who wants to come to Him must believe that God exists and that He rewards those who sincerely seek Him. (NLT version)

Faith is what brings the things God has provided for us from the spiritual realm into the physical realm.

Hebrews 11:1 
- FAITH is the confidence that what we hope for will actually happen.  It gives us assurance about things we can not see.

Our FAITH is the victory that enables us to overcome the world.

1 John 5:4 
- For every child of God defeats this evil world and we achieve this victory through our FAITH.

Everything the Lord does for us is accessed through FAITH.  We have to put FAITH in God's grace, but the FAITH that we use isn't our own human FAITH.

Ephesians 2:8 
- God saved you by His grace when you believed.  And you can't take credit for this, it is a gift from God.

This verse is saying FAITH, is a gift from God.  There is a human FAITH that is inherent within every human being and there is a supernatural FAITH of God that only comes to those who receive the good news.  Human FAITH can only believe what it can see, hear, taste, feel, and's limited to the 5 senses.  Using natural human FAITH, we can sit in a chair we've never sat in and believe it will hold us up.  That takes human FAITH, which God gave to every person.  Yet, when it comes to God, we have to believe things that we can not see.  You haven't seen God or the devil, you haven't seen heaven or hell, you haven't seen sin, and therefore you wouldn't know what you would look like if your sins were taken away.  How can you believe in things you can't see?  The answer is you can't see in invisible things with human FAITH.  You need God's supernatural FAITH.  God's faith goes beyond sight.  God's faith operates supernaturally, beyond the limitations of our natural faith.  We have to believe in God who we have not seen and believe that our sins are forgiven, which we can not prove by natural means.  It takes God's supernatural FAITH to receive salvation.  Where do we get it from?  We get it from God's word.  You can continue to read more at Andrew Wommack Ministries

Having Radical Faith, By Naquan
In my opinion, many people say, I have FAITH that God can do all things, but do they really?  It's easy for a person to say they have FAITH in the Lord when everything is going well or when one believes God for very little.  I believe God is calling His people to a new level and that new level requires a new level of radical FAITH.  When you say, God is the same yesterday and today, what does this mean to you?  Do you believe God is more than able to separate a body of water just as He did for Moses for you?  When I say I believe God is the same yesterday and today, it means I believe God is able to do these things and exceedingly more.  Am I saying that you should have the same measure of FAITH I have? No.  Why?  Because just as God is strengthening and developing my FAITH in Him, I know He is doing the same with many others.  I am saying that as Christians we need to have the type of FAITH that believes God for radical things, even if it goes against nature.  This means you can pray for a mountain in your life to be moved and if you pray and believe it, that mountain will be moved.  So now the question is are you believing God for the impossible...Read more of this sermon at 2 Praise God

20 Ways to restore FAITH when everything goes wrong, By James Altucher
20 Ways to Restore Your Faith When Everything Goes Wrong Read More >>

In the past 15 years I was probably suicidal on at least three different occasions.  How would I kill myself?  Who Knows.  I googled it.  It's hard to actually find a technique that works.  Try googling I want to die.  You'll just end up back on this blog.  Which won't tell you how to die.  Because there is no good technique.  Trust me.  But all of those moments had several things in common.  I couldn't take the pain.  I didn't want to die.  I wanted the pain to die.  Read more @ James Altucher

Joyce Meyer, How Strong is Your Faith
READ MORE ON GOTBOCMagazine: 4 Power Thoughts from Joyce Meyer

Faith is something that must be released.  You can possess faith, but you must put it to use.  A muscle that is not used gets weak and shrivels up.  If you don't use your FAITH, then it's no different than not having any.  Do you release your faith through prayer?  Line up what you speak with God's promises and do whatever He asks you to do without trying to figure things out?  Give your circumstances over to Jesus and be confident that He's got it all under control.  Your life will change dramatically once you unleash your faith.  Don't just have it in your heart, let it out, put it to the test, and be amazed at what God does in your life.  Read More at Joyce Meyer Org
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