Trials, Hard Times, Tribulations in Your Life

Trials will come your way.
It hard to understand and grasp sometimes.
When you're been in a situation so long.

A lot of the times God connect me with people that are going through the same thing I have been through.  So in that moment I am able to encourage them and sometimes it's not even about talking, but simply giving that person a listening ear so they can hear themselves out loud.  Maybe a friendly smile is needed for the trials they are going through right now.

Do you ever wonder why we go through the same thing all the time?
I believe that is God's way of education us in this area of our life, because our future depends on the tests, the lessons, the growth.  It's like the trials, the tests, the stuff, the ups and downs is preparing us for the future that is to come.

And if we're not careful when we go through stuff, we'll have an attitude that will hindrance us from moving forward to the next stage in our life.  It won't necessarily stop us, but having a bad attitude will definitely be a stumbling block.

So, when you pray and ask God to remove the stumbling blocks in your life, He may have to deal with you about your attitude first.

That's tough right?
I know!!

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