Hi!  My name is Acquelyn and Welcome to GOTBOC Magazine - Gifts of The Body of Christ 

History In The Making:
It all started with a vision! For years I was looking for a happy me.  I feel like I finally made it, but I'm not at the finish line yet.  "Gifts of The Body of Christ Magazine," is a way to not only express myself, but it's for you too. 

In my walk with Christ, I have learned so such much about other believers.  When I was little I never attended church regularly, and I thought that was the normal, but about two years ago I found out for myself that attendance at church is highly important.  It's kind of like that saying "When you know better, you do better." 

My vision for this magazine is to help you, bless you, and love you unconditionally, because Jesus is love.

GOTBOC or Gifts Of The Body Of Christ Magazine is an online Christian Entertainment Magazine.  
Gifts of The Body of Christ was establish, because we all have at least one gift our father in heaven has bless us with.  It doesn't matter how you discovered your gift, but what is important is that you use it in the right way.  The body of Christ represents our connection with others, because we are connected in one body, but are attached to serve different purposes. 

Grow With Us
Dec 4, 2013 we will be celebrating our first year!  We are very excited and are looking to grow with every opportunity God blesses us with.  If you are interested in adding to your income and contributing to GOTBOC Magazine by writing for us we would love to have you.  We ask that serious inquiries email us at gotboc@outlook.com.  
Advertising Opportunities
We offer reasonable competitive advertising prices to suite every one's need.  We can send you a list if you email @: gotboc@outlook.com or Mail @: P.O. Box 18584, Shreveport, LA, 71138

Thanks for stopping by!

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