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(source) Congrats are in order
for Brandy Norwood and
Ryan Press
33, year old R&B singer, and BET'S The Game television cast member Brandy Norwood will be marrying music executive  Ryan Press.  No date as we know has been set, but she looks pretty happy. 

So, what exactly is a B.A.M.
B.A.M. stands for "Bride's advice before or after Marriage."  There can be so much pressure on the bride when trying to tie all the knots before the big day.  It is literally the bride's responsibility to make sure everything goes perfect, because she wants her big day to be the way how she wants it.  In the mix of all the chaos going on around her, she finds she has to deal with bridesmaids, the mothers, caterers, guest list, and of course the groom.  So, as you can see it can be pretty overwhelming for her, but somebody has to do it. 

In this section of our magazine, we just simply want the bride to give advice to other future brides, because you can never get enough advice before getting married.  Marriage is a beautiful thing and it's a gift from God, but going through the emotions of it takes strength, love, and most importantly communication. 

As we open this section up to you, we hope you can bless our magazine with wisdom, guidance, and advice to the bride to be.

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