Do It Yourself Eyelashes

This blog is completely dedicated for newbies on how to apply false eyelashes, which are very easy to do.

As a matter of fact they are so easy that most people prefer to do it themselves.

There are also very useful YouTube tutorials to help you out along the way .

But while you are here you will learn simply techniques that have come from my own personal experience and also get links from YouTube based on who I think has the best informational video. And very soon if you get the basics you will be the pro putting on the eyelash too.

Tips I learned
1. Buy a good brand of eyelash glue.
I love Duo eyelash glue compared to any other brand I have ever used.  
Duo's website shows you how to apply to eyelashes with 4 different techniques.  I use the brush on adhesive
It was at my Sally's Supply store for $7.62 before tax.  And Yes, I agree that's a lot for a tube of glue. But I have tried a brand of eyelash glue called Star and it was terrible.  Here's why:  

The color that squeezed out of the tube was white, but I was told the white would turn clear, which it didn't.  Instead, it looked liked white rubbery paint on my face.  

It also did not do the job of keeping the eyelash on.  My eyelashes would not last all day and they would be flying up or coming off after 2 hours of wearing the false eyelashes.  

I found it hard to find the Duo  Eyelash Glue, but I have learned you can find it at your local beauty store like Sally's and on Duo's instagram page they say the eyelash glue is available at Sephora, ULTA, Sally Beauty, Target, Walgreens, CVS, and MAC.  Be sure to follow them on instagram by searching duoadhesive.

2.  Know it's okay to buy a cheap brand of eyelashes, but examine them before purchase.  
Some eyelashes just look cheap, no matter how much you pay for them.  I purchased a pair of eyelashes from JcPenney for $8.00.  They were the Sephora brand and they were really nice.  This brand came with a clear glue and the only difference between this brand of glue and the Star brand was that the glue was clear not white.  So, in other words, it was a terrible brand of glue too.
I have also tried a brand of eyelashes at Walmart called Elle and this is my favorite brand.  I am in love with them.  You can purchase false eyelashes  just about anywhere, even the dollar tree.

Let's Get Started and Learn From The Experts.
Still Glamorous, How I apply eyelashes fool proof
Photo Credit: Follow Still Glamorous on YouTube and watch her video entitled: How I Apply Eyelashes Foolproof
What you'll need
False lashes
A bobby pin
Duo lash glue
Eyelash curler
Black eyeliner
***Keep Reading For Step By Step Directions***
***Watch Still Glamorous Tutorial on YouTube***

Photo Credit: Follow Still Glamorous on YouTube and watch her video entitled: How I Apply Eyelashes Foolproof

Step 1: Apply eye shadow

Step 2:  Apply liquid eyeliner (felt tip will make it easier).  If you prefer not to use eyeliner you can skip this, but the liner really helps blend the falsies.

Step 3: Curl your lashes.

Step 4:  Apply mascara to your eyelashes.  Allow 10 minutes to dry per eye.

Step 5:  Now you are ready to apply the false eyelashes.  Some of Still Glamorous favorite eyelashes to use are Red Cherry #DW number 48 and Red Cherry #WSP number 217.  Her lashes are $1.99.  She uses Duo glue.

Step 6:  Put a drop of glue on the plastic container the false eyelashes came on.  Get the tweezers, or use your fingers, or use whatever you like and pick up the lashes.  Run the lashes through the glue.  Wait 15 seconds for the glue to get sticky and some people may say wait until it gets tacky.  It means the same thing.

Step 7:  Look down into a mirror to know if this is where you want the eyelash to go and drop it in that place on the lash line.

Step 8:  Take a bobby pin and bend it.  Use the flat edge to push the false eyelashes onto lash line.

Step 9:  Once the false eyelashes are on the lash line, take the bobby pin and push back on the false eyelashes.

Step 10;  Appy more liquid eyelash and mascara if needed.

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