Husband Quotes

22 Husband Quotes
206 Husband Quotes, that are loving, funny, and just down right mushy.  Sending a husband quote to your man is better than giving him flowers, better than watching Sunday night football with him, and can  definitely help when clearing up a misunderstanding.

Many Marriages Would Be Fun if the Husband and Wife Clearly Understood They are on the Same Side
It's hard to even imagine being on the same side as your husband when you are arguing, dealing with financial issues, or when you are stress.  These things can feel like a heavy burden on the both of you, but if you deal with the problems head on, they don’t have to be.

Husband Quote:  In Our Marriage Every Thing is 50/50

I strongly feel marriage is a 50/50 relationship.  There are things in our lives that God gifted us with and in other areas of our lives we may lack certain knowledge or things. 

4 Tips on How to Keep the Fun in Your Marriage
How to keep the fun in my marriage usually starts with me.  When I see happy married or dating couples in public I find myself going into a daze or starring off into space wondering how do they do it?

How to Remain Faithful in Your Marriage
I'm sure after the I do's our goal as husband and wife is to remain faithful to our marriage.  We have every intent of making this person feel like they are all we need for the rest of our lives.

Joel Osteen: Have a Successful Marriage Relationship
Joel Osteen is the Pastor over a congregation that I have heard is over 45,000 people (that can fill up half of the Cowboys stadium).  

Tamela Mann on Marriage 
Looking at Tamela Mann's success, one would think she has it all.  She is a spirit filled woman of God, she has a loving husband, a successful career, and she is just phenomenal all the way around.  

August Marriage Bliss for Alicia Keys and Brandy Norwood
Essence has reported August Marriage Bliss for: Alicia Keys and Brandy Norwood.  

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